Pomme pasticceria creativa

Pomme Pasticceria creativa The Pomme brand originates from the idea of two young entrepreneurs from Rome, both pastry chefs, to bring a high-quality French-inspired pastry shop to Grottaferrata, in the Roman castles area. Everything revolves around attention to detail, from ingredient selection to production processes, all the way to the presentation of the final product.… Read More

Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid rebranding The restyling proposal starts from the idea of updating the visual identity and logo taking into account the contemporary needs of a brand, while preserving the historical identity of the Spanish club, which is based on the concepts of royalty, elegance, and exclusivity. The club crest is redesigned in its essential lines,… Read More

Ricette d’architettura

Ricette d'architettura Architecture Recipes Graphic Identity for the event hosted by PPAN during Fuorisalone 2019 in Milan. The occasion featured a captivating show cooking and an insightful talk on innovation and sustainability, with the participation of esteemed guests from the construction industry. Read More

Scali Milano

Scali Milano I designed the visual identity for the workshop "Scali Milano", an initiative promoted by Sistemi Urbani in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan and with the endorsement of the Lombardy Region. The goal is to shape the future of the city by starting with the redevelopment of former railway yards, involving local institutions,… Read More

Taste it

Taste it "Taste it" is a food delivery startup that aims to distribute Made in Italy food throughout Europe. The logo was designed with the idea of conveying, through the rhombus shape, the abstract notion of the box with the products that the customer receives at home, tilted to emphasize the concepts of speed and… Read More