Taste it

“Taste it” is a food delivery startup that aims to distribute Made in Italy food throughout Europe.

The logo was designed with the idea of conveying, through the rhombus shape, the abstract notion of the box with the products that the customer receives at home, tilted to emphasize the concepts of speed and movement.

The word “it” was designed differently from the rest of the logo and isolated within the geometric shape to evoke the abbreviation “IT” for Italy and to further emphasize the Italian origin of the product. The color red was chosen to evoke, on one hand, the red of the Italian tricolor and, on the other hand, the food market, with which it is often subconsciously associated.

The brand operates in the European market and targets a predominantly young audience. Therefore, I identified its strengths in the simplicity and speed of the service, as well as in the quality of Italian products. The tagline “easy, tasty, fast, Italian” was conceived to communicate these concepts.