Pasticceria creativa

The Pomme brand originates from the idea of two young entrepreneurs from Rome, both pastry chefs, to bring a high-quality French-inspired pastry shop to Grottaferrata, in the Roman castles area.
Everything revolves around attention to detail, from ingredient selection to production processes, all the way to the presentation of the final product.


The brand identity aimed to narrate this duality: on one hand, the tradition of French pastry, and on the other, the element of novelty stemming from the youthful, creative, and innovative spirit of the founders.

The apple symbol was chosen as the distinctive element, as it’s not commonly associated with the world of sweets but rich in multiple meanings. The French name and the tagline “creative pastry,” along with two fonts with a traditional flavor, complete the picture. Special attention was given to the application of the logo on various media, requiring meticulous work, from packaging to pastry chef aprons.